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    Jan Min

  • Watercolor artist

Jan Min in a quick overview

Artist, teacher, IWS Holland chair


Jan Min is a dedicated artist, producing many works each month, all year through, always pushing himself to become even better. Known for his washes and glazes and subtile details. Expert in waterscapes and maritime scenes. More about Jan’s Biography.


Jan loves to share his knowledge and thechniques. He gives mutiple live demo’s each year on different events, is a chear round teacher in his own atelier and offers online demo’s for those who can’t visit, or want to study step-by-step: See more at Teaching


Check out Jan’s library of works, and filter on different attributes for your convenience. Look at Works


Jan has been nominated numerous times and has been accoladed with many prizes and awards. See: Awards

Ambassador of Daniel Smith paints

Read more on Jan’s Ambassador role for Daniel Smith watrecolor paints, the paints Jan loves to use the most on Jan Min & Daniel Smith

International Watercolor Society Holland

Jan has been a board member of the International Watercolor Society in Holland for many years and currently is its president. For more information please visit: IWS Holland website

Pittsburgh Watercolor Society (USA)

Jan is a signature member of the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society in the USA. For more information please visit: PWS website