If you would like to own a work by Jan Min, apart from buying one (see contact) you can also purchase one of the very high quality prints below.

All works can be printed ,no hesitate contact me! All orders can easy be shipped !Prices included pass partout and high quality board.

Works by request are also a possibility.


sundown, 30 x 40 cm

€ 65


Regatta, 30 x 40 cm

€ 65


Three ladies, 30 x 40 cm

€ 65


paris sunset, canon

Paris sunset, 30 x 40 cm

€ 65




sunset, 30 x 40 cm

€ 65





Boatyard, 30 x 40 cm

€ 65



cohen      cohen-2-1024x750

Book Cohen’s choice

containing one of my works, a beautiful collector’s item, publication of foundation kunstweek, in which talented artists were invited.

Cohen’s choice costs 40 euro





from mid sep 2017 permanent 40 works are for sale in gallery Carre d’artistes  ( den Haag)