About Jan Min

As a child I already made drawings on a daily basis, 15 years ago I have picked up this passion again.

After five years of academic schooling in diverse techniques and following masterclasses in watercolor painting, I had come to the decision that watercolor was the medium for me.


With my paintings I want to capture interesting subjects in a mystic and colorful atmosphere. The representation of lights and color tones play a central role in my work, inciting an emotional connection between the spectator and it. I have found that for me, the ultimate medium to achieve this is watercolor.

I regularly have exhibitions, in the Netherlands and abroad. I also organize painting courses and workshops.

I am also a board member of IWS Holland, which has the goal to promote watercolor painting in the Netherlands and to participate in the international contacts of the IWS world organisation (www.iwsholland.nl). Since april 2017 i am a master member of IWS World.

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